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some of crysis 3s key gameplay elements are familiar to the series traditional fans, but for those who havent played the first two games, or who simply dont like the fps genre, they are likely to be left feeling slightly short-changed. although crysis 3 is a great game, its not as great as crysis 2, with many areas being bare and underwhelming. but if youve never played a crysis game before, crysis 3 is well worth checking out.

the game also uses the unreal engine, which is a powerful tool for creating games in the first place, and is a joy to work with. beyond that, however, its a case of if you have a ps3, xbox 360 or pc, chances are you have crysis 3. crysis 3 is a must have title and its worth a look if youre a fan of the series.

however, if youre going to buy crysis 3, youll find that there are a number of ways to get the most out of the game. aside from the console edition, which features some extra content thats exclusive to that version, theres also the digital deluxe, the limited edition and the double time edition.

the digital deluxe edition contains everything in the limited edition, but also features the nanosuit core with an extra 4 nanosuit piece. its also got a digital copy of crysis 2, which is a great bonus. the limited edition contains the whole package, but also adds in the previously released nanosuit core and 3 nanosuit pieces. finally, the double time edition contains everything in the limited edition, plus a weapon skin for the nanosuit as well as all the console content, but its also got a double time gift, which is a rather lovely piece of artwork, also given away to those who buy the double time edition. 3d9ccd7d82


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