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Gameloft Patcher Apk 102

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Gameloft Patcher Apk 102

sad but 500 points and a little skin will have this in probably the top 10 in no time. If gameloft would just put this kind of element into their other cheesy games it might make some of them worthwhile, but poker Obviously we all have the internet already so we don't need nudies or video poker for our Nintendos.

Gabbo, how about you actually read what I said instead of putting your own interpretation of it in 'oh so clever' inverted commas. The fact that gameloft does not have the rights to Donkey Kong or Earthbound or even Super Mario Kart does not change the fact that Nintendo DOES and could possibly be releasing them now if space in the release schedule wasn't being taken up by unadulterated purile guff like this "game".What I was suggesting was that instead of crying into its soup that the game doesn't have nudity the review might be better served lamenting that Nintendo ever passed this rubbish fit for release ahead of some of the great titles its sitting on in the first place.While a review might be important/necessary to tell people how bad a "game" this is. The fact that over 200 words of it are spent bemoaning the fact that it doesn't have real women in and/or nudity in it is a sad reflection of what score the reviewer might have given it had it contained such elements.Those two hundred words might have better been spent reflecting on how garbage like this is filling up the Nintendo download release schedule ahead of the things most of us actually got the Wii for: Video-games. 153554b96e


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