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Buy Small Truck

Shoppers searching for a more conventional pickup truck that still offers a prudent price tag can move up to a mid-size option like the 2022 Chevy Colorado WT. The Colorado offers a variety of cab and cargo bed options. The WT is available with a two-door extended-cab configuration that seats four or a four-door crew cab that seats five. Bed sizes offered include a long box for the extended cab and a long or short box for the crew cab.

If the Maverick is a tad too small and the F-150 is a smidge too big, the mid-size Ford Ranger may be your Goldilocks pickup. The base 2023 Ranger XL offers two cab sizes: a two-door SuperCab that seats four and comes with a 6-foot bed, and a four-door SuperCrew that seats five and offers a 5-foot bed.

Perhaps they want to save money with a low purchase price and good fuel economy numbers. The Maverick is the least-expensive vehicle in its small class, costing thousands less than a comparable Hyundai Santa Cruz. And its standard drivetrain is good for a remarkable 42 mpg in city driving.

The dependability and craftsmanship of the GMC trucks are being recognized, with the 2020 GMC Sierra earning the #1 spot for the Most Dependable Full-Size Truck After 3 Years of Ownership by J.D. Power.

But glossing over all those hiccups, the truck looked as silly as it did awesome. It was a bit small, but had a lot of charm. So I started talking with the trading company (a little outfit known as ChangLi that also supplies a few importers in the US).

The shipping process seemed to take forever. At first all went well, and a couple weeks after paying, my truck was headed to the port. It sat around for another couple weeks until it made it into a container and onto a boat, then six weeks later, the boat arrived in Miami. The only problem was that my truck was no longer on it. No one knew where it went and I spent several days calling the forwarding company, the logistics company, my customs broker, and the Chinese trading company. No one could explain it.

The cage it was shipped in was beaten to hell and back, but the truck was miraculously fine. There I unboxed the truck, a process for which I was glad to have charged up my angle grinder in advance. Ultimately the un-crating went decently well with only a few hiccups that I caught on video along with my first test rides (of course my dad and wife who were both on hand to watch the show unfold were quick to volunteer to test it out).

I was actually surprised by the fact that the truck was in such good condition after the long journey around the world. I guess preparing myself for a banged up truck helped keep my expectations low, and so I was shocked when the truck arrived nearly dent-free.

For over a half-century, Nissan has built trucks known for dependability on the job, capability off-road, and even competitiveness on the race course. Frontier is a storied truck with a rich history, designed and engineered to back up your active life with legendary reliability and rock-solid build quality.

When most people buy a truck, the primary purpose of the vehicle is for work. For this reason, potential buyers are usually interested in features like towing capacity and maximum weight as their primary selling points. Pickup trucks are ideal for oversized loads, as they offer the best overall capacity of any commercial vehicle type.

Since they are large, utilitarian vehicles, it makes sense that trucks consume a lot of gasoline. While certain truck models can offer up to 25 MPG or so on the highway, that level of economy dramatically declines as the size and capabilities of your truck increase. All in all, most trucks are not exactly vehicles that are known for their excellent fuel economy.

Most standard pickup trucks can only fit two or three passengers in the cabin, and accommodating three requires the use of the middle bench seat, which can be awkward. Furthermore, this front-seat-only arrangement makes it unsuitable if you need to transport young children.

Pickup trucks tend to be wider than most passenger vehicles, and as a result, have a relatively narrow turning radius. They can be tough to maneuver in tight spots or to fit into narrow parking spaces. Maneuverability is particularly challenging when driving a truck with a dual rear axle.

In a basic sense, pickup trucks are mostly for work, while SUVs are more for recreation. But you can make a great argument that they may be the better family vehicle of the two. Though they lack the overall power and towing capacity of a large pickup truck, they can still be used for transporting goods if needed and can even be used for towing.

While a large truck with a crew cab can seat five, that is about the lowest seating capacity you would see for an SUV. Compact SUVs, for example, may only offer seating for five. But most SUVs can seat at least seven or eight people. Carpool, anyone

Though many trucks and SUVs have a similar rating for miles per gallon in the city, SUVs tend to get much better highway mileage on average. So unless you do most of your driving in parking lots, an SUV will almost invariably get superior fuel economy to a truck.

The decision around which type of vehicle you should buy lies in the needs of the potential buyer. The pros and cons listed above should provide a solid comparison and contrast to the benefits of both trucks and SUVs. At the end of the day, which features matter most to your everyday driving needs If towing capacity and power are your primary needs, you may be inclined to purchase a truck. If increased seating capacity and fuel economy are what you need most, perhaps an SUV is your best choice.

Small trucks were once common in the U.S. market. But, as Americans showed an appetite for bigger and bigger trucks, they disappeared for nearly a decade. The Ford Ranger, for instance, was a compact truck until 2013, when it moved up to midsize. 2012-and-earlier Rangers are genuine compact trucks.

When you shop for a used truck, these are the most common vehicles online or on the lot. But they range from bare-bones work trucks with few options to luxury trucks with every creature comfort imaginable.

Our sister site Kelley Blue Book is the only site with more than 100 years of experience evaluating the value of every car. Use our car valuation tool to figure out how much to pay, and look for Good Price and Great Price ribbons on used truck ads on Autotrader in your area.

Since drivers often misunderstand towing and payload capacity, many owners overload their trucks. A third-party inspection at a dealership or local car repair shop can tell you if the frame or suspension shows weakness from overloading.

Manufacturers offer a greater variety of powertrains in trucks than in cars or SUVs. For instance, Ford offered its 2019 F-150 with four different V6 engines, a hybrid powertrain, a turbodiesel engine, and a V8. Five or six engine choices are not unusual.

Ford broke convention back in 2015, moving the F-150 from V8 to predominately turbocharged V6 power. For 2021, they advanced the pickup truck market again with the first hybrid engine, the 3.5-liter V6 PowerBoost.

Ford revived the small truck segment with the Maverick. It's crossover-based but delivers truck-like looks and payload capacity. And it's the most affordable hybrid vehicle in America today, with the steelie-sporting base model starting at least nominally under $20,000.

Updated March 2023: Gone are the days when large pickup trucks used to be fashionable. These days, gearheads want smaller, more affordable, and more efficient trucks that get the job done without taking up the whole road. We've updated this list to give you more information on some of the best compact and mid-size pickup trucks you can buy today.

This has caused a huge shift in the market. Pickup truck buyers used to be mostly made up of workers and companies who need the workhorse capabilities trucks offer, but now even your grandma wants one. Pickup trucks have evolved into more daily drivers than work trucks, which is why the demand for smaller trucks has grown tremendously in recent years. Small pickup trucks look less obnoxious on the road, are easier to drive for the majority of buyers, are more affordable to buy and run, and still offer the capabilities most pickup truck buyers need.

Thankfully, renowned pickup truck manufacturers like Ford, Chevrolet, and Toyota have taken note of the growing demand for smaller trucks and are hard at work improving their current models and developing new ones. Let's explore nine of the coolest small pickup trucks on sale today.

Hyundai has been stepping up its game in the last years, judging by their current electric vehicles, like the Ioniq 6, but that's not where the fun ends. Hyundai has branched out its experience from the hot hatch, and EV world into the pickup truck segment with the Santa Cruz, which starts just above $25,000.

It comes with either a 191-hp naturally aspirated 2.5-liter four-banger, or a turbocharged unit that emits 281 hp and 311 lb-ft of torque. Not only does it produce an adequate amount of power, but it's also a unibody truck with a curb weight of 3,700 lbs, so it's equally fun on those twisty roads.

The Ranger is certainly meant for someone who enjoys driving in style, but doesn't want to splurge all of their money on a Ford Bronco, yet also enjoys the small size of the Ranger since the F-150 is just too large of a beast.

Back in the '70s, Ford sold a compact passenger car bearing the Maverick name. In 2022, Ford decided to revive the Maverick nameplate, but in the form of a sub-compact pickup truck. The new Ford Maverick takes on the Hyundai Santa Cruz, as well as the next entry on our list. The majority of Mavericks get assembled in Mexico, and because Ford spends less money on labor as a result, the Maverick has a base MSRP of just $23,000.

However, if you spend the least amount of money possible on the Maverick, you'll receive a bare-bones 2.5-liter hybrid-assisted 191-hp four-cylinder. And, if you decide to opt for the Maverick Tremor, you'd be getting a 250-hp turbo-four underneath your hood, and a stellar driving experience on- and off-road. Regardless of which trim you get, you can be sure you're getting a reliable truck. Ford has perfected the art of building reliable trucks over the years with the F-Series, which is why the 2023 Maverick has a J.D. Power Reliability rating of 81. 59ce067264


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