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Descriptive Essay About A Shopping Mall

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Descriptive Essay About A Shopping Mall

I'm back in 2015, the slave era and it's scary. I've reappeared in a western country mall and the people walk around dressed in clothing made from slave labour with plastics even being part of the fabric. They show no awareness that they are literally clothed in what are many children's tears and indeed death shrouds for the Earth. They wear these garments with no thought to their origins, the real human being who made them or where the materials came from and how they were extracted from the earth. Everywhere there are gadgets, the ones they used to make from rare earth minerals. I want to eat but I'm not sure the food will go down. How can I touch the plastic wrappers, smell meat from caged mammals The best I can do is go to a bakers and a green grocers. So I'm heading out, casting my eyes low like the hundreds of people around me. No-one I know has been born yet and I didn't believe them when they said I was going back, but they showed me a history book and there I am, so I know what to do because I did it already.Once outside the air looses the chemical perfume smells and instead I detect the gasoline the cars burn, back home that's just something they show a traveller to orient them to their new time and I had hoped that part was just a joke. The people move about as if free, but I can see their chains. They are on the bill boards of the mall, smiling at them with perfect teeth. They'll want to be those billboard people so much they'll hand their children over to daycare as babies. They'll willingly walk into cubical farms for ten hours a day or more while they dream of one week in the sun and rack up credit card expenses. This is the era when no-one questioned the money system. It was when the most basic level of workers could not afford the most basic level of housing and food. It was when children were put under so much pressure in schools and by the media that their mortality rates soared. I want to scream at these drones, yell, but they're still asleep.

The shopping mall has architecture the schools and hospitals can only dream of. The ceiling is domed higher than any cathedral and made of the most beautiful glass. The walkways flow like tributaries to the main rivers of people, not a sharp angle to be seen. It smells like heaven in a hand-basket and the floor shines like the surface of a lake at sunrise. In the background is music to soothe, gentle flowing notes to take the shopper's cares far away. In a world so chaotic it is order. In a world of pollution and desecration it is clean perfection in bubble-wrap.

The shopping mall is sensory overload. Only overtures for purchases are permitted in here; the messages and carefully styled images to seduce consumers are wherever the eyes may fall. There is everything I want and very little I need. To move through the crowd means getting closer to other people than I would usually allow, but internet shopping won't cut it this time. Tyler needs new basketball shoes and the big game is tomorrow.

There are no shopping malls anymore, not real ones anyway. The only way to shop now is in virtual reality. Put on a headset and you're ready to wander the largest shopping malls in the world. You can try things on, smell fragrances and feel the texture of the fabrics. Whatever you buy is deducted from your credits. They say the rich have different malls and the poor have to go to real markets no better than crude tables in the old train stations.

It was the biggest shopping mall in the world. A moving platform ran along all the walkways in both directions just like in the airports. There was a shuttle service from the far ends of the car parks to the entrance and food outlets were scattered throughout instead of being on one courtyard. There were professional shopping guides smiling at every entrance, always ready for more business. Gayla stepped inside, holding her hands out to the petals raining down from the clear ceiling. They were virtual, of course they were...

The shopping malls near me sit on the landscape like decaying carcasses, long ago stripped by the zombie hoard vultures. They always promised to split the rich from the poor and they did. Of course then the malls fell into their own gaping chasm - the poor not having enough money to shop and the rich choosing not to rub shoulders with the riff-raff. And so they joined the ranks of the great ironies of our age, a footnote for a species that so loves beauty they will destroy what they seek while they're seeking it.

The shopping mall is my Mecca, make-up and shoes my guilty pleasure. I can roam the aisles, take inspiration from the stores and make myself anew. I come in feeling ordinary and leave as if I'm walking on a podium, my purchases already speaking for me on all my social media channels. I can see myself at the clubs already, soaking in the attention faster than the cocktails, hundreds of "likes" on my selfies. I'll be the belle of the ball. Move over Paris Hilton, I'm the new generation and you're old.

The shopping mall is the same temperature inside no matter what the season is. The light is the same, the scent, the polished floor, the tense faces on the shoppers. Only the piped music and the fashions change. People aren't people in here, they're consumers. They see one another as obstacles - both to walk around and wait behind for a turn to reach the tills. The only smiling faces are the ones who sell, their humanity used like a crude fishing line to real the buyers in. It's a friendly enough place if you've got digits on your card, if you can line the pockets of the purveyors...

The shopping mall is a candy store: eye candy, gadget candy, ego candy. Every item in here costs something to our planet to produce, does anyone ask if the cost is worth it Do our addictions really hold up as excuses Do we really need plastic eyelashes for our car headlamps Why is it our children need tonnes of plastic crap for their brains to develop right Didn't Leonardo da'Vinci do OK Is twenty-first century wisdom only as deep as a balance sheet

The shopping mall cuts into the greying sky like an unholy temple, casting a long shadow onto the earth around. It is the engine of this town, the final exhaust of so many industries. When the soundless bell chimes the parking lot fills, acres of shiny paintwork over smooth black tarmac.

If I were a genie I would grant myself a few wishes. I would wish for all the pollution caused by the goods in the shopping malls to gather above them in dense choking clouds. I would wish for the pain and misery caused by their production to crawl from the loud-speakers instead of inviting music. I would wish that the billboards showed the faces of the "disposable" humans, the ones whose lives were sacrificed to the almighty alter of commercialism. Our actions have consequences. I'm no luddite, I want technology to be part of our future. But when dirty is made to look clean and desirable the world falls into a negative spin, too confused to make the necessary corrections.

Shopping Mall: My vacations had started and it was the first day of my holiday. I was getting bored in the house. Therefore, my mother decided to take me to the shopping mall. As we reached there, the car park was dull and dark. My mother and that I took the raise from the second level of the underground parking lot to induce to the bottom floor of the looking complex The moment we stepped out of the lift, we were greeted by a blast of cool air and the blare of music from a music shop nearby. The ground floor was bright and lively.

The layout of the mall was very impressive. It was spacious and well lighted up. We were in the lobby of the huge shopping complex. There were many people enjoying there. I could see a supermarket, which occupied a lot of space. Then there were electronics shops selling huge televisions and music systems that were displayed outside. Near to it was a large shop of shoes. My mother bought me a pair from there.

A shopping mall is a place which has many modern things in it such as a complex of shops representing types of merchandisers and many walkways that enable the customer to go from unit to unit and to purchase some things.

There are many big-big shopping malls that are being made for the people and mostly the shopping malls are been made in the urban areas with big buildings in it and it is a big area that is occupied by many small shops and convert it into a big shopping mall.

The first shopping mall that has been introduced was in London and then in Paris, it has been developed and it becomes very famous among the people and many of the places are being replaced by this shopping malls as new technologies are being introduced in the late 19th century. And from then all over the countries, there are many shopping malls that are been made for the enjoyment and entertainment of the people.

A mall is a large shopping center that is comprised of different types of businesses. Since people have various needs that have to be fulfilled in order for life to be complete, malls are characterized by large numbers of different people who visit the premises with various needs. The first type of people in a mall is the workers. A mall is comprised of different stores, businesses and restaurants which are enclosed in one building.

Regular customers are the ones who visit the mall on a regular basis to do their shopping. For example, some visit the mall daily or after every two days. Occasional customers are the ones who visit the mall occasionally. For example, some visit the mall to do their shopping after every two weeks or once in a month.

A mall is a large shopping center that is comprised of different businesses in place. It is characterized by different groups of people like workers and customers. The workers are a mixture of both male and females. The customers include, young children, teenagers and adults. It can therefore be said that a mall is comprised of all types of people.

Then there were the pairs of housewives who were chiefly concerned with price. They could be seen making enquiries about prices and bargaining for better ones. Couples, young and old, sat eating fast food and talking in low voices. At every other corner, there was a small stand and a young enthusiastic sales person trying hard to attract the attention of the shoppers to the amazing prowess of some innovative product. Thought they were getting a good deal of attention judging by the crowds that mulled about the stands. 153554b96e


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