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Buy Sitar Online

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Buy Sitar Online

At Old Delhi Music, we have one of the very best collections of new sitars for sale in North America. We work direct with the makers to ensure quality and value. We don't buy from middle men. Plus, we NEVER drop ship from India or elsewhere, and always provide value add service before shipment to our customers in the US or elsewhere.

JAS Musicals Ltd manufacture top quality Indian musical instruments using tradition methods juxtaposed with modern technological innovations.We sell, repair and hire Indian musical instruments through our Southall store in the UK as well as our online store serving musicians all over the world.

Welcome to the finest selection of sitars from makers such as Hiren Roy (Barun Ray), Sanjay Rikhi Ram, Naskar, Ajay Rikhi Ram, Manoj Kumar Sardar, Kanai Lal and Sons and Radha Krishna Sharma. We stock both the Ravi Shankar style sitar (Kharaj/Pancham) and Vilayat Khan style sitar (Gandhar/Pancham). We pride ourselves on our 60 years in the business.

Unlike cheap sitars, the sitars we sell will each be thoroughly inspected and setup. In addition to tuning the sitar, it will be restrung, the sitar frets polished and adjusted, pegs fine fit and chalked. These extra steps assure you will get the best sitar you can buy for the price.

Indian musical instruments have a very important place in the traditional and classical songs and sitar is one of them. Sitar is considered as one of the main musical instruments in the North Indian songs and has been a central part in the Hindustani classical music from the middle ages. Perhaps there is no other Indian musical instrument like Sitar that has got such a global recognition everywhere. The beautiful melody or the music that comes out from the Sitar is mainly due to the strings from 21 to 23 and it is the Jawari that commands the tone and the tune to be delivered.

This Student Sitar made of tun wood with fine tuned strings. Seven main strings and twelve sympathetic strings. A nice sitar for beginners. Made In India. It is recommended that you purchase a gig bag with this model. Free mizrabs (plectrum).

A very nice mid-range sitar that is very reasonably priced. With a decorated body and extra power strings it is a cut above all student sitars. Complimentary gig bag. Extra Strings. Free mizrabs (plectrums).

Guru Soundz introduces the left handed magnificent electric sitar. Inbuilt pickup,volume controls, flat wooden tumba, easy to carry and travel in the air. The sitar is perfect for the music lovers and their ears. Complimentary gig bag & sitar tuition dvd.

Looking for something a little different or rare.This Custom made sitar is the one for the stylish musicians out there. The sitar is fully decorated and fitted with one of our best bridges to give you the unique soundz of the sitar.

A special treat for musicians. As seen on TV this exclusive professional Manipuri design sitar has the advantage of an extra gourd (resonator) and is an exclusive quality double gourd Tarafdar sitar. This sitar is fully decorated and finely tuned.

This Concert left handed sitar is the one for the musicians. This model has the advantage of an extra resonator and is a superb quality double gourd Tarafdar sitar. Both sides have engravings of grapes leafs.

This ancient Indian exclusive concert sitar is not only carved and decorated with a Ganesh, but also has an excellent bridge which gives out the best sound of an Sitar. Complimentary Gig Bag, extra sitar strings and Plectrum.

The sitar is a stringed instrument with a hollow wooden body and multiple frets. Some sitars have up to 21 strings; many more than a classical guitar, which generally has six. Just as with a guitar, the strings of a sitar are plucked to create sound. Sitars are however different to guitars as the bridge of a sitar is always curved, which changes the way the string vibrates. And this feature contributes to its unique and unmistakable sound.

The sitar originates from the Indian subcontinent and dates to the Medieval period. A major feature of Indian popular music it experienced a renaissance in western music culture when it was incorporated into tracks by artists such as The Beatles. Ravi Shankar was a well-known sitar player who helped to bring the instrument to a Western audience.

When it comes to buying your first sitar, or a third one, a few questions come to mind. This article answers to most such questions that may arise when you go to buy a Sitar. Before you read further, there are a few things I would like you to do:

We have professionally setup the Maharaja Musicals Electric Sitar with strings of specific gauges and materials so that the below given traditional tuning is achieved. Please note that your Sitar may loose tuning while in transit to you or if left unused for some time. Here is some help to start tuning your sitar. We are trying to tune the sitar in the traditional Kharaj Pancham - Ravi Shankar style, in the key of C. Please have a chromatic tuner handy.

We have professionally setup the Sitar with strings of specific gauges and materials so that the below given traditional tuning is achieved. Please note that your Sitar may loose tuning while in transit to you or if left unused for some time. Here is some help to start tuning your sitar. We are trying to tune the sitar in the traditional Kharaj Pancham - Ravi Shankar style, in the key of C. Please have a chromatic tuner handy.

Thinking about buying a sitar If you are lost with the lots of information about it in the net this blog will help you making you understand which aspects you need to analize for buying a good sitar on-line.

There are well known sitar brands that can be found in many online shops, this fact makes us understand that even these makers are mass producing to be able to cover the demand of many requests, and in most of the cases the sitar maker does not even participate in the making process. A maker who is really working in every instrument cannot cover a big demand of various shops, moreover, a good maker will work only for custom made orders as this is the traditional way it has been for centuries in India: the instrument is done according to the specific needs and desires of the musician, so it cannot be found on stock in any shop.

Sitarsencat is one of the best Indian musical instruments shop in the net. It is not only a source of vaste information abput Indian music, but offers also a huge variety of instruments, mainly sitars. Their Varanasi series sitars are 100% professional quality custom made instruments, at reasonable prices.

They have many own designs but they are also ready to work on your proposal if you want to design your own sitar (having a detailed section, very helpful, for Sitar Custom works) or you have any project in mind.

World renowned sitar masters offer live, 1 on 1 online sitar classes on ipassio. These include disciples of Pandit Ravi Shankar ji, Grammy nominees, and many others. Therefore students get access to such teachers directly from home. These sitar teachers are currently active with live shows and performances. Getting practical wisdom can be possible only through an online format. This eliminates you of the need to travel to local institutions to learn Sitar near you.

If you want to learn Sitar basics or if you want to pursue advanced sitar training, our proficient masters can guide you to the right musical path, here at ipassio. Even for a complete sitar beginner, our courses can be deemed perfect. Since our format enables to learn Sitar online from home, you can conveniently be sitting at home and avail our lessons. Our teachers guide you in tuning sitar, sitting postures, hand positioning along with accurately guiding you in playing Sitar. Also, our teachers can assist you in buying a sitar. The make, price and other details that can be suggested by the teachers. It will help you in confidently making.

The website is offering a money-back guarantee on first two lessons that make it easier for you to try and if you feel like the tutor is not working for you, you can either switch or choose to refrain from learning on the website. Although, even with this offer the retention rate of the website is quite high and they have hundreds of happy students who have learnt to play sitar online from the website.

Traditional music is all classic and history-rich but modern-world music is different. If you intend on mashing up traditional sitar in contemporary music, is the right website to start with. With this website, sitar enthusiasts will be able to create their unique sitar tunes without giving up the essence.

The website hosts regular concerts through which students can show off their skills and progress. Also, there are practice sessions that help students harness the sitar skills because practicing is the key to perfection. With email subscriptions, the website sends out updates about course updates and music news. promises to offer personalized learning experiences that meet their specific skills. In addition, students can learn how to play sitar online with Skype meetings. All you need to do is have a device with a microphone and a sitar to become the pro. The website offers multiple payment methods that adds to the convenience. For instance, students can sign up for the course and pay through PayPal to start learning sitar.

Buy Sitar Online in Delhi, India The sitar is a plucked string instrument of the lute family, which is mainly used in Hindustani music and Indian classical music. The Sitar is one of the most popular melody instruments in classical northern Indian. Now if you are planing to buy best quality Sitar online in Delhi, then you should visit at Rikhi Ram Musical Instrument store in Delhi. Rikhi Ram is one of the leading online musical instruments store in Delhi. We offer to buy best quality Sitar online in India at the very lowest price across the world. To get more information about the best online store for purchasing a Sitar online in India, then just you can visit on its authentic website Rikhi Ram Musical Instrument MFG. Co. G-8, Marina Arcade, Connaught Circus New Delhi- 110001 (India) Ph: +91-11-23327685, 41516141 E-Mail: 59ce067264


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