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Psychologists who have studied the effects of music on the brain have found that 15-30 second pieces of music or jingles, known as earworms, work best at "infiltrating" the mind. The term earworms was made popular by James Kellaris and it means "those melodies that burrow into your head and won't leave".1

We live in a world of consumerism. From the time a child can watch television, he or she becomes aware of the catchy commercials. Without understanding why, children immediately know they want a Happy Meal. As they go to school and interact with other children they need to own a pair, or several, of Nikes because LeBron James and Michael Jordan wear them. Will they be able to play basketball like these celebrities if they wear Nikes No but they are status symbols and they gain status by wearing the sneakers. Status is everything in the world of consumers and catchy jingles often create that status.

When it comes to choices in jingles, Grover Pro Percussion set the standard by which all others are judged. We offer four distinctive jingle alloys to choose from. We also developed a proprietary process of jingle heat treatment which brings out the crystalline character of some alloys. While we know that percussionists appreciate a choice in the timbral spectrum, we also know that it can be difficult to pick your sound profile given so many options. We offer the following tonal descriptions as a starting point in your selection process.

These multipurpose jingles were originally made for an educational video production. As I retained full copyright I am able to offer them for sale. They are all royalty free, which means no payment is required when they are used. The purchase price includes a licence permitting private use (see the 'Private Use Licence' box below for more details on what this covers). For commercial use please contact me to discuss your licencing requirements. 59ce067264


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