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Change My Software 10 Edition 251

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POST forms have been developed for law enforcement agencies to consider as part of the peace officer and public safety dispatcher selection processes. To ensure that the forms meet the requirements of all local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations, and because laws, rules and regulations are regularly changed and amended, agencies should ensure that their own legal counsel review and approve the forms prior to use.

For single boot update the bootloader menu can be accessed by holding and respectively and pressing Enter. The config.xml file should be current for the version of the STB software provided by the vendor. If you are unsure about your version you can check with the vendor

Use Create update button to install a STB image and choose a Package file. If the Package file is missing or incorrect, the process will fail. If the Package file is correct, the STB update process will complete automatically after a few minutes. In the case that the image is not available, the update does not proceed. Make sure that you correctly select the Package file. The Package file must be a zip or tar.gz archive. The update process does not change the STB config.xml file.

Use Bootloader menu to check if the Image file is correct and bootable. If the image is up to date, the image will boot. Make sure that the STB image is correctly selected. The Package file cannot be changed if the image is selected. If the image is not up to date, it will boot and the image will be updated. The update can be cancelled by pressing and respectively. 3d9ccd7d82


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