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How To Buy A Police Car

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When the department first posted about the approval to purchase the Tesla Model Y as their next police car, the Facebook post received a slew of questions about next steps. To ensure the community's questions were answered, Somerset PD Chief Joel Trepczyk put together a frequently asked questions post on its Facebook page.

Below, Trepczyk answers a variety of questions, including the department's reason for choosing the Tesla police car, charging inquiries and feedback from officers who have driven the electric vehicle.

We had a Tesla wall connector donated and installed at the police department. The Tesla charges at a rate of 25 mph via a "Level 2" electric vehicle supply equipment EVSE. Most of our officers average 30 to 60 miles per shift.

Yes, the Model Y has a range of about 300 miles. Battery electric vehicles thrive in low speed, start/stop environments, which use regenerative braking to put energy back into the battery. Whenever an officer is parked at the police department, the vehicle will be plugged in.

Our officers have the ability to choose which squad car they want to drive on any given day. Everyone will have an opportunity to drive the new squad if they so choose. So far, the Tesla police car has been a popular choice.

The police equipment in the vehicle is hooked up to an auxiliary battery, which is charged via two OEM USB outlets and has a very minor impact on overall range. The police equipment (including the lights and siren) could be left on for over 24 hours without the battery being fully depleted.

So far, so good! The feedback has been positive and the officers seem to choose the new squad over the others. The more you see this Tesla police car on the road, the more money our village will be saving. The officers are still getting adjusted to the one pedal driving and quick acceleration.

Compared to the average model, police cars drink a lot of gas, idle for hours on end and generally take more abuse than any other vehicle on the road. But they also often last far longer, and offer an exceptionally nice firm ride.

There is also a pecking order when it comes to Police Interceptors. Police cars that are used in the line of duty typically have a cloth front-seat, vinyl back-seat combination and you will see wires and holes wherever there was police equipment.

On a purely cosmetic level, black and white versions of these vehicles tend to be less expensive at the auctions than all black models, or other single color variations such as white or silver. Most public buyers prefer all black police cars and, as a long-time car dealer, I find that these black beauties are usually far easier to retail.

A step up from both of them is the Police Interceptor that has a cloth interior and none of the hanging wires or gaping holes of the active duty models . These vehicles tend to be abused far less and are used by government employees or, in certain cases, police officials that don't engage in high-speed pursuits. These cars will go for more money due to their lower mechanical wear and their retail-ready interiors.

Of course, there are some busts in the ex-police car game. Not everything you buy turns out to be good. Ford Crown Vics in particular have become the "almost car" when it comes retailing used cars. It's the car that everyone says they "kinda" want, but never buy. A full-sized, gas-guzzling V8, with rear-wheel drive, and more cheap plastic bits than the off-brand Lego store usually doesn't translate into a highly sought-after used car.

Throw in exposed wires from all the police-only parts that were removed, couple that with well worn seats, and you wind up with a car that is sometimes bought for as little as 10 percent of its original purchase price after seven years.

A: Auctions are conducted on the premises of the storage facility within a secure area. Access is provided only during the time police officers are present and the auction is in process. Auctions begin immediately upon the officers arrival a


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