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Taiki Nulight Origins Sample Pack WAV: A Review

Taiki Nulight Origins Sample Pack WAV: A Review

If you are looking for a collection of high-quality samples and loops that capture the essence of UK bass, garage, and house music, you might want to check out the Taiki Nulight Origins Sample Pack WAV. This pack is presented by Night Bass, a label that specializes in bass-heavy dance music, and features sounds from Taiki Nulight, a producer and DJ who has been making waves in the scene for years.

Taiki Nulight, or Erka Chinbayer to his friends, has been DJing and producing for many years in very different circles. His versatility and various interests manifest in his sounds. He's renowned for his unique melting pot of UK dancefloor influences circling around bass, garage, and house, but stamped with a sound that is instantly recognizable as his own[^1^].

Taiki Nulight Origins Sample Pack WAV

The sounds in his Splice pack are primed for creating the ultimate banger for any party, whether it be in your living room, night club, festival, or headphones only. The pack contains 133 samples and loops, including drums, basses, synths, vocals, effects, and more. The samples are all royalty-free and ready to use in your DAW of choice. You can preview and download them individually or as a whole pack from Splice[^1^].

The Taiki Nulight Origins Sample Pack WAV is a great way to add some fresh and original sounds to your productions. Whether you want to create a track inspired by Taiki Nulight's style or mix and match the sounds with your own, you will find plenty of inspiration and quality in this pack. If you are a fan of UK bass music and Night Bass label, you don't want to miss this opportunity to get your hands on this amazing sample pack.If you want to hear some examples of Taiki Nulight's music, you can check out his latest release, Dive, featuring Rue More, a catchy and energetic track that showcases his signature sound[^3^]. You can also listen to his previous albums and singles on Apple Music[^1^] or SoundCloud[^2^], where you can find collaborations with artists like AC Slater, Chris Lorenzo, Flava D, and more. Taiki Nulight is constantly evolving and experimenting with new sounds and genres, so you can expect to hear more from him in the future.In a recent interview with Beatport, Taiki Nulight shared some insights into his musical journey, influences, and goals. He revealed that he started making music when he was 14 years old, inspired by his older brother who was a DJ. He also said that he grew up listening to a lot of UK garage, grime, and drum and bass, which shaped his sound and style. He described his music as "a fusion of everything I love: bass, garage, house, breaks, and a bit of techno"[^3^].

Taiki Nulight also talked about his relationship with Night Bass, the label founded by AC Slater that has been supporting and promoting his music since 2015. He said that he considers Night Bass as his family and that he is grateful for the opportunities and exposure that they have given him. He also mentioned some of his favorite Night Bass releases, such as his collaborations with AC Slater, Chris Lorenzo, and Flava D. He said that he enjoys working with other artists and learning from them[^3^].

As for his future plans, Taiki Nulight said that he wants to keep making music that he loves and that makes people happy. He said that he is always experimenting with new sounds and genres, and that he hopes to release more albums and EPs in the future. He also said that he wants to play more shows and festivals around the world, especially in places where he has never been before. He said that he loves performing live and connecting with his fans[^3^]. 0efd9a6b88


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