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[BETTER] Download __LINK__ Rs2xml Jar


[BETTER] Download __LINK__ Rs2xml Jar

When modules or the components of an application (files, images and sounds) are combined into a single archive, they can be downloaded by a Java agent (such as a browser) in a single HTTP transaction, rather than requiring a new connection for each piece. This dramatically improves download times. The jar command also compresses files, which further improves download time. The jar command also enables individual entries in a file to be signed so that their origin can be authenticated. A JAR file can be used as a class path entry, whether or not it's compressed.

Download Netbeans to your local computer. Be sure to download aversion of Netbeans that includes Tomcat. The labs are still using NetBeans 8.2, so thatis the one I recommend that you download to your computer. NetBeans is transitioning from Oracle to Apache. For now, we will stay with the last, stable, Oracle release. 1e1e36bf2d


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