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Southland - Season 1

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Southland is an American crime drama television series[1] created by writer Ann Biderman and produced by Warner Bros. Television. The series was broadcast on NBC for one season in 2009, followed by four seasons on TNT from 2010 to 2013.

Its first season on NBC had seven episodes that aired from April 9 to May 21, 2009. In May 2009, NBC announced that Southland had been renewed for a second season with an initial 13-episode order to begin airing on September 25, 2009.[2] In August 2009, shortly before its scheduled premiere, NBC moved the opening of its second season to October 23, 2009, citing the need to promote the show more fully.[3] In October 2009, two weeks before the scheduled premiere of the second season, NBC announced that the series had been canceled after one season.[4]

In November 2009, TNT announced it had purchased the rights to the original seven episodes of Southland, as well as six completed episodes from its second season. Southland began airing its second season on TNT on January 12, 2010.[5] In April 2010, TNT announced it had picked up Southland for a ten-episode third season to begin airing on January 4, 2011.[6] TNT's revival of the show included a substantial budget cut and corresponding cast reduction.[7] Southland was renewed for a ten-episode fourth season in March 2011,[8] which premiered on January 17, 2012. The series was renewed for a ten-episode fifth season which began airing February 13, 2013.[9] In May 2013, TNT announced that Southland had been canceled after five seasons.[10]

Southland takes a "raw and authentic look" at Los Angeles and the lives of the LAPD officers who police it. The show's first season centers on the experiences and interactions of LAPD patrol officers and detectives, and is more a character-driven drama than a police procedural.[11]

After its first season on NBC, Southland moved to TNT. The second season placed less emphasis on the ensemble cast, instead focusing more on the Adams, Sherman, Cooper and Bryant characters and their partners. The weekly stories also centered more on how crimes came together, with fewer serialized story lines.[12][13]

The series was created by Emmy Award-winning writer Ann Biderman, who began her television writing career on the first season of police drama NYPD Blue. The series' executive producers are Biderman, Christopher Chulack, and John Wells. Wells and Chulack, both also Emmy Award winners, had previously worked together on critically acclaimed medical drama ER and emergency services drama Third Watch. Many other crew members had previously worked with Wells and Chulack on these series. Wells and Biderman also write for the series and Chulack is a regular director. Biderman left her executive producer position after the second season but continued to write for the series' third season.

Ex-police officer Angela Amato Velez served as a consulting producer and writer for the first season; she had previously worked for the executive producers on Third Watch. Dee Johnson also served as a consulting producer and writer for the first season; she had previously worked with Wells and Chulack on ER. Emmy Award-winning writing team Mitchell Burgess & Robin Green were hired as executive consultants and writers for the second and third seasons; they had previously worked together as executive producers on The Sopranos. Diana Son served as a consulting producer and writer for the second season; she had previously worked on the crime drama Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

David Graziano became a co-executive producer for the second season. Andrew Stearn was a producer for the first two seasons and was promoted to co-executive producer for the third season; he had previously worked on Third Watch. Jonathan Lisco was hired as a co-executive producer for the third season; he is a former lawyer and created the New Orleans police drama K-Ville. Jason Horwitch, creator of AMC's Rubicon, joined the show as consulting producer for the fourth season.



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