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SellYourIdeasWithorWithoutAPatentdownloadepubmobipdffb212 [2021]

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SellYourIdeasWithorWithoutAPatentdownloadepubmobipdffb212 [2021]

in my opinion the patent system is broken and should be stopped. it's been abused by the patent troll industry where people take other people's ideas and twist them to death. i believe if you file for a patent you have to have a real piece of technology that is worth a patent. it should also be a good idea that's already been filed. so patents should be reviewed by independent experts instead of hr employees. it's also ridiculous to have a patent for a ui/ux design. that's like having a patent on the design of the toilet paper. and why not allow the independent media to publish the patents, the trolls can just make a web site and publish it publicly.

even if a patent is granted (which it is rare) you are not legally entitled to use the patent. but it creates a lot of problems and legal fees and r&d costs for the company. i believe the patent system should be scrapped and replaced by something a lot more democratic and promotional.

if you are a tester or developer then you can make a site and have the site code and publicly accessible. if you create an api then you can sell it and if you publish the patents for the ones you want to sell. basically if you are good at something then you can create a website and have it for everyone. people will then have access to the patents you want to sell. i understand someone else can just copy your idea and make a website containing the patents. but what is the point in that.

i would sell my patent for $10k to someone who has a really great idea. this is a lot of money for an algorithm. don't be greedy. this is still easier than being a lawyer. you have to decide for yourself if the people selling a patent have something good. 3d9ccd7d82


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