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Science fiction has always been a medium for futuristic imagination and while different colored aliens and intergalactic travel are yet to be discovered, there is an array of technologies that are no longer figments of the imagination thanks to the world of science fiction. Some of the creative inventions that have appeared in family-favorite movies like ">"Back to the Future" and ">"Total Recall," are now at the forefront of modern technology. Here are a few of our favorite technologies that went from science fiction to reality. So what is the most powerful weapon in science fiction? Technology has had its fair share of power and has elevated human capabilities in a significant way. But what exactly is the strongest weapon that can at least dismantle some of the most powerful weapons in existence? That would be neutronium.

Neutronium is a material that is made up of proton-filled nuclei - a protostar, neutron typically is much larger than a nucleus, and is nearly a hundred thousand times larger than a typical nucleus.

Neutronium can be processed into ultra-supercritical water, which is a uniquely tapestry of wires to form. This ultra-supercriticality is one of the most powerful that can be produced by an element, since it can generate 1.2 billion times more energy than from a singular nucleus. d2c66b5586