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Accessing Your Files On Freenas From Anywhere


Accessing Your Files On Freenas From Anywhere

If all went well, you should be presented with a straight overview of the whole filesystem, so you can now drill down into the precise folder or share you want access to. Congratulations, you now have complete access to your shares from anywhere in the world!

FYI, Nextcloud, as suggested by @Mikensan is a good alternative to hosting a VPN server. The difference is in simply how much access/control you want. If you just want remote file access to download some movies from your server or something Nextcloud is a great option, and a bit simpler to use and setup.

Anything ever come out of this thread I'm trying to do the same thing for a simple photo storage server via nextcloud. I started a new thread in hopes of getting help. If anyone could recommend a solution or knowledge on setting up a VPN to access my freenas network that would be a huge help. I don't necessarily need a VPN if its not required, i just need the best way to connect to the server from away/off my home network.

Do you wish to access your personal documents remotely, or music / videos, photos stored on your personnel computer, or on your mobile phone while you are travelling or when you are in office The simplest solution is to copy all your data from the source to a portable hard drive and then carry it around. However, this is a cumbersome approach as you would require syncing manually the home computer with your portable disk.

It is a free desktop sharing software such as UltraVNC and TeamViewer, this software would help in accessing remotely all your computer files from anywhere else. Another product with similar features is LogMein Pro. With these tools, you can transfer files from a remote computer.

There are few online backup service providers such as SugarSync, SkyDrive, Carbonite and Dropbox which offer desktop utilities that will automatically upload files on your home computer to the internet. The major benefits of using them are that, your files will always be available to you even if the home computer is not running. Both Carbonite and SugarSync have the mobile-optimized website, which you can access the file from any mobile phone as well.

You can also install FTP (file transfer protocol) server on your computer and provide access to it from the internet. From the point of security, It may not be an ideal option since you would expose the FTP server to the internet. You can also set up both FTP server and VPN, accessing the FTP server through VPN.

Microsoft discontinued Windows Live Mesh because they started believing cloud storage service is an ideal option for any average user to access their files. You also need not have your PC online, install the server software or use a dedicated device. However, you cannot access any file on your PC, but you need to sync the files you care for and access them.

Online backup services would copy files to their servers, before you can access them from anywhere else. We find screen sharing services are often slow, and they do not work on numerous mobile devices.

Like Google Desktop, Copernic is a popular software for desktop search, wherein you can use to find documents, emails and other files on your Windows computer. They tend to have paid component called myCopernic on the go. This allows you to remote search for varied content stored on home or office computer.

Another best option is GBridge; it allows you to setup a virtual private network by using your existing Google Account. Companies tend to use VPNs to let employees access corporate data over the public network; even the home users can build their VPNs to access remote files more securely.

Windows Live Sync is another good choice for remotely accessing files over the internet. You require to install the Live Sync client on your computer, after that, you would be able to access the entire hard drive of the computer through the Windows Live Sync Website.

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