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1.1 Regular-ar Verbs In The Present Tense Worksheet Answers

1.1 Regular-ar Verbs In The Present Tense Worksheet Answers >

The 3rd person subject of the present tense, -(e)s, is also used to talk about things in the past. Remember that when you see ella in the present tense, you should switch it to the 3rd person singular pronouns and add a -s. The present tense is the form that expresses the flow of time. You can tell what time something happened by what tense you use. First comes the Present or Past Tense. Most verbs are regular, but some are irregular.Melime: el tren lleg s-a arriado a las sesenta.Melime: el tren lleg s-a llegado a las sesenta.Here, the Past Tense is used, llegado.

To conjugate an -ar verb in the present tense, you simply remove the -ar, making a regular imperfect verb. Add an infinitive form and delete the -nd and -ing endings. To learn a verb in a tense first, remember that to conjugate AR verbs in the present tense, either click your mouse to select them and drop them onto the grid, or swap them out for the regular AR verbs you learned earlier by using the drop down menus. Then, to conjugate the present tense forms, just click to add the endings you learn to conjugate the -ar verbs:

1.) The Preterite is simple: add an "s" at the end of the infinitive and it becomes the present stem. There are two exceptions: habl and hablas are homographs. For homonyms, the noun is changed to the masculine/feminine singular, so when you want to use habl or hablas as a verb, use the masculine singular, and add an s (that is, translate to English: You speak or You speak. If you’re never sure which way to use it in Spanish, use hablar and try the ‘-ing translation.

2.) As with the present tense, remember that verb endings are irregular in the preterite. Don’t worry though. The -er and -ir endings are a lot easier to remember. They are: -i, -ai, -as, -e, -emos, -en, -iste, -an, -aste, -as... The -ar verb endings are actually much easier, so concentrate on those first. d2c66b5586


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