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Love Simon Google Docs Mp4

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Love Simon Google Docs Mp4

I'm currently working on a note-taking app and one of the ideas I'm considering is to have a way to access the note's content from your phone. I was thinking about using google docs because I know it has offline access, and having it sync nicely to your google account. But I have had issues in the past with the offline access in google docs.

UPDATE: I just tried it in my google docs, and it works fine. I haven't tried editing them offline, but I think it should be fine to edit them. I have also tried it on the Android app, and it seems to work fine there as well. I really like the offline access in google docs, and would like to know if you have experienced any issues with it.

Either way, what I would like to know is whether offline access in google docs is actually going to work, and what your experience has been with it. Is it safe enough to assume you can use this offline, or are you hoping to get offline access only when/if google goes full-blown online?

UPDATE2: So I tried editing my google docs offline after all. The last update was 2 hours ago. I tried it on an Android app and it seems to work fine. I haven't tried editing them off-line from a web browser yet, but I assume it should work fine.

Google docs is an extension of google. Its job is to simply provide a very basic online version of any docs you'd want to have in one place. If this is no longer the case, then the job of google docs is done.

I agree with you. I was getting so frustrated at it too. It was fine for the first 10 minutes or so, but after that, it was just a waste of time, since it would not actually open my existing docs.

So with that said, when I used to work at google, I got the impression that offline access was not something people at the googleplex were really interested in because it was not a priority for them.

Asking for offline access is asking google for a lot of trust. Personally, I'd rather not give google access to anything. You can make a backup of your stuff, and use dropbox. Or use a git repository on your computer (you'll need to commit your changes to the git repo, because dropbox does not support commit-based revisions).

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