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How to Learn Difficult Vocabulary Words with Meaning and Sentence

How to Learn Difficult Vocabulary Words with Meaning and Sentence

Learning new words is one of the best ways to improve your English skills. However, some words are more difficult than others, and you may need some extra help to remember them. In this article, we will show you how to use a vocabulary list, a dictionary, and some examples to learn difficult vocabulary words with meaning and sentence.

A vocabulary list is a collection of words that are related to a certain topic or level of difficulty. For example, you can find a vocabulary list for the PET exam[^1^], which is a test of intermediate English. A vocabulary list can help you learn the most common and useful words for your purpose.

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A dictionary is a tool that gives you the definition, pronunciation, and usage of a word. You can use a dictionary to look up any word that you don't know or are unsure about. A dictionary can also help you learn synonyms, antonyms, and collocations of a word.

Examples are sentences that show how a word is used in context. You can find examples in books, articles, or online sources. Examples can help you understand the meaning and usage of a word better than just reading the definition.

To learn difficult vocabulary words with meaning and sentence, you can follow these steps:

  • Choose a vocabulary list that suits your level and goal.

  • Pick a few words from the list that you want to learn.

  • Look up the words in a dictionary and write down their definitions, pronunciations, and parts of speech.

  • Find some examples of how the words are used in sentences. You can use online sources like[^2^], which provides examples for each word on their list.

  • Make your own sentences using the words. Try to use different contexts and situations to practice the words.

  • Review the words regularly and test yourself on their meanings and spellings.

By following these steps, you can learn difficult vocabulary words with meaning and sentence more effectively. You can also download a pdf version of this article for your reference.

How to Remember Difficult Vocabulary Words

Learning new words is not enough if you forget them quickly. You need to review and practice them regularly to make them stick in your memory. Here are some tips on how to remember difficult vocabulary words:

  • Use flashcards. Flashcards are cards that have a word on one side and its definition or translation on the other. You can use them to test yourself on your vocabulary and reinforce your memory. You can make your own flashcards or use online tools like Brainscape[^3^] or Quizlet[^4^] that use active recall and spaced repetition to help you learn faster and more efficiently.

  • Write a vocabulary journal. Writing down new words and their meanings can help you remember them better. You can also write sentences using the new words to practice their usage and context. You can keep a notebook or use an online app like Evernote or Google Docs to store your vocabulary journal.

  • Create stories using new words. Another way to remember new words is to create stories or scenarios that involve them. This can help you associate the words with images, emotions, and situations that make them more memorable. You can write down your stories or tell them to someone else.

  • Use mnemonics. Mnemonics are mental tricks or devices that help you remember complex or difficult words. For example, you can use acronyms, rhymes, songs, jokes, or images to help you recall the words. For example, to remember the word \"abrogate\", you can use the mnemonic \"a bro gate\" and imagine a brother standing at a gate and denying you entry.

  • Read and listen to authentic materials. One of the best ways to learn and remember new words is to expose yourself to authentic materials that use them in natural contexts. You can read books, articles, blogs, magazines, or comics that interest you and contain the words you want to learn. You can also listen to podcasts, audiobooks, songs, radio shows, or movies that use the words. You can use online tools like LingQ or FluentU that provide interactive reading and listening materials with vocabulary support.

By following these tips, you can remember difficult vocabulary words more easily and effectively. You can also download a pdf version of this article for your reference. 0efd9a6b88


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