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Quiz Academy La Piramide Del Saber


The battle ended with Kenobi's victory, but the two quickly took their duel to the floor and wrestled. Kenobi won, and Maul was forced to yield the Darksaber, or face certain death. However, Maul was still uncertain of Kenobi's intentions, so he demanded that Obi-Wan vow to never reveal to the Jedi Council his identity. He would have to kill Kenobi, so that there would be no witnesses. [8]

Maul moved in for the kill, and the battle quickly escalated as Maul used his Darksaber to leap across the temple's atrium while slashing at Kenobi, and Obi-Wan used his own weapon to slice his blade at Maul's chest. The Jedi were at a stalemate, and Maul made a last desperate move. After the loss of his right arm, the young Jedi was no longer agile, and he stumbled, unable to avoid the attack. Maul impaled Obi-Wan through the heart, piercing his side and sending him to the floor. Maul collected his fallen weapon and drew closer, prepared to strike his fatal blow. [1]

Kylo Ren believed Vader to have been the father of the baby he was carrying. Unwilling to believe that a man he had only heard stories about was his father, Kylo remained on the planet Trenn when the rest of his fleet arrived. Walking towards the temple where his former master was being held, Kylo Ren was confronted by his father, still in the guise of Darth Vader. Upon seeing his son, Vader revealed that he had arranged to give the young Skywalker to the Supreme Leader to be raised as a Supreme Leader. He then asked Kylo Ren to join him. Kylo Ren refused, and a fight then ensued, with each duking it out with lightsaber drawn. 3d9ccd7d82


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