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Hast Rekha Vigyan: Learn Palmistry from Free PDF Books

Hast Rekha Vigyan: Learn Palmistry from Free PDF Books

Hast Rekha Vigyan, or palmistry, is the ancient science of reading the lines and marks on the palm to reveal one's past and future events. Palmistry is based on the belief that the palm reflects the personality, character, and destiny of a person.

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If you are interested in learning hast rekha vigyan, you can download free PDF books from the Internet Archive. These books are written by experts in the field and contain detailed explanations and illustrations of various aspects of palmistry, such as:

  • The shape and size of the hand and fingers

  • The mounts and plains of the palm

  • The major and minor lines of the palm

  • The signs and symbols on the palm

  • The special marks and combinations on the palm

  • The influence of planets and stars on the palm

Some of the books that you can download are:

  • Hast Rekha Vigyan by Jyotish Grantha. This book covers the basic principles and methods of palmistry, as well as the interpretation of various lines and signs on the palm. It also provides examples of different types of palms and their meanings. You can download this book from here.

  • Hast Rekha Vigyan By Pt. Gopesh Kumar Ojha Motilal Banarasi Das by Motilal Banarasi Das. This book is a comprehensive guide to palmistry, with detailed descriptions and diagrams of every aspect of hast rekha vigyan. It also includes chapters on numerology, astrology, and face reading. You can download this book from here.

  • àààààààà àà ààààà - àààà àààà ààààà àà àµààà (ààààà àààà) by Hindi Raj. This book is a simple and easy introduction to palmistry in Hindi. It explains how to look at the hand and read the lines and marks on it. It also gives tips on how to improve one's luck and fortune by following some remedies based on palmistry. You can download this book from here.

Hast rekha vigyan is a fascinating and useful skill that can help you understand yourself and others better. By downloading these free PDF books, you can learn hast rekha vigyan at your own pace and convenience.

But what are the benefits of palmistry? Why should you learn how to read palms or consult a palm reader? Here are some of the reasons why palmistry can be a valuable tool for personal growth and development:

  • Palmistry helps individuals gain insight into their weaknesses, fears, and strengths. With the help of a palm reading, you can avoid the unpredictable mishappenings of your life, such as accidents, family issues, and love issues. Palm reading provides advice for decisions regarding relationships, career, family, friends, finances, and life choices[^3^].

  • Palmistry reveals opportunities. With the help of a palm reading, you can utilize your time on a perfect direction rather than wasting it on wrong efforts. Palmistry is so powerful that one can predict the life-threatening upcoming situations and can make a move according to that[^3^].

  • Palmistry enables people to find their own creativity and inspirational place in the world. It helps in locating the area of awareness beyond the common perception. Palmistry offers excellent ways to solve the dilemmas in life. It helps one to find their best professional path[^2^].

  • Palmistry helps towards personal growth and renewal; it opens self-understanding from within, generating new thoughts and ideas. It works mysteriously to help in overcoming the fear of change. Palmistry overcomes unproductive thinking. It allows innovative thinking and helps in the recognition of mind traps. It helps sharpen and clear the mind[^2^].

As you can see, palmistry is not just a fun party trick or a fortune-telling gimmick. It is a serious and profound practice that can help you discover more about yourself and your potential. By learning how to read palms or consulting a professional palm reader, you can unlock the secrets of your soul and shape your destiny. e0e6b7cb5c


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