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How To Make Cracked Rye Berries LINK


I needed cracked rye berries to do my first bake from "Bread" by Jeffrey Hammelmann. All I could find were whole berries so here's what I did. First I froze the berries for about an hour, then a bit at a time, pulsed them in a coffee grinder, ran them through a strainer and kept saving the big pieces.

I am making Danish rye bread according to this recipe: -sandwiches/.However, I can't find any cracked rye berries in stores near me (I've found them online but I'm in the middle of the recipe and shipping would take too long). Do you think Bob's Red Mill 10 grain cereal or plain millet would be an adequate substitute for the cracked rye berriesBob's Red Mill 10 grain cereal has "freshly milled grains, beans and seeds, including whole grain hard red wheat, rye, triticale, oat bran, oats, corn, barley, soy beans, brown rice, millet and flaxseed meal." I've used it in other whole grain breads so I'm hoping it will work here to even if it is no longer proper Danish rye!

Danish rye bread is a sourdough bread that traditionally takes 2-3 days to make. Here is a super simple version that cuts the fermentation time down to as a little as 24 hours without the need to tend and feed it. This version calls for a yeasty beer. Beer and bread are cousins, both traditionally made from the same two ingredients, water and grains. The alcohol in this bread is burned off during the long baking process while the beer contributes to a fabulous texture and consistency (and flavor, depending on which beer you use).

The bread dough is allowed to ferment for 24 hours at room temperature (or 48 hours depending on how sour you like the bread). This fermentation process neutralizes the phytic acid in the grains, a naturally occurring substance that binds nutrients so that the body cannot properly absorb them. Not only does phytic acid acid bind the nutrients of the grains themselves, it binds the nutrients of anything else you eat with the grains. Fermenting the bread dough increases its nutrients and makes the bread easier to digest. And even after sourdough is baked it continues to sour and only gets better in flavor over time.

I love Rye and think it is a good switch-up to regular oats or even steal cut oats. I can buy at my health food store Kibbled Rye ( it is exactly like steel cut oats but it's Rye ) in the baking section and I make something very similar but using cocoa/cacao and stewed cherries to make a " black foresteque" type flavour.

Rye is the quintessential grain of the North and has been the cornerstone of Scandinavian bread baking culture since the Middle Ages. But there is so much more to rye than just bread! It makes a lovely ingredient in a variety of baked goods, breakfast cereals and savory dishes in the form of cooked whole rye berries.

Rye is a grass that is grown primarily as a cereal grain. The whole grains harvested from the rye plant are known as rye berries. They can be cooked and eaten whole, rolled into flakes (like rolled oats), ground into flour, or chopped into smaller pieces for cooking and baking. Rye can also be used for making beer, vodka or whiskey or for feeding livestock.

Rye berries are the whole grain form of rye, much like a wheat berries are the whole grain form of wheat. They can be cooked and eaten whole in salads, grain bowls, soups or even in a rye version of risotto! The rye berry has a nutty, earthy flavor and is pleasantly toothsome yet tender when cooked. You can find them at many natural grocery stores and online at Amazon.

Rye berries should be stored at room temperature in an airtight container (I use a mason jar). They will keep for at least 6 months in a cool, dry spot. For longer storage, you can freeze the uncooked rye berries in an airtight container or freezer bag for up to a year.

Cooked rye berries can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. For longer storage, transfer the completely cooled, cooked rye berries to a freezer bag. Tightly seal and freeze for


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