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Manufacturing Planning And Control Systems Vollmann Pdf 20 [VERIFIED]

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Manufacturing Planning And Control Systems Vollmann Pdf 20 [VERIFIED]

Perhaps the most important aspect of the context for development and maintenance of a manufacturing planning and control system is the continual change in its competitive environment. Changes range from technological to political and strategic. Three key areas of influence on MPC system design are the degree of internationalization, the role of the customer in the system, and the increasing use of information technology.

These shifting requirements in international collaborations have given new meaning to the expression supply chains (sometimes called demand or value chains) or supply networks. As opportunities arise and conditions change, the members of a particular supply network will change with unpredictable timings. There are occasions when a firm will be both a supplier and a customer to the same firm, while supplying their competitors and their customers. These shifting networks have given rise to a very special need to have material planning and control systems that are transportable, international, transparent, and effective.

Figure 1.1 is a schematic of the general MPC system that would be used within a firm for planning and controlling its manufacturing operations. But linking customer and supplier firms in a supply chain requires coordinating the MPC activities between the firms. The model shown in Figure 1.1 is essentially what one will find as a key part of any packaged ERP system. The figure is divided into three parts or phases. The top third, or front end, is the set of activities and systems for overall direction setting. This phase establishes the overall company direction for manufacturing planning and control. Demand management encompasses forecasting customer/end product demand, order entry, order promising, accommodating interplant and intercompany demand, and spare parts requirements. In essence, demand management coordinates all activities of the business that place demands on manufacturing capacity.

Sales and operations planning balances the sales/marketing plans with available production resources. The result is an agreed-on company game plan that determines the manufacturing role in meeting company strategy. Increasingly, this activity is receiving more management attention as the need for coordination is recognized in progressive firms. The master production schedule (MPS) is the disaggregated version of the sales and operations plan. That is, it states which end items or product options manufacturing will build in the future. The MPS must support the sales and operations plan. Resource planning determines the capacity necessary to produce the required products now and in the future. In the long run this means bricks and mortar, while in the short run it means labor and machine hours. Resource planning provides the basis for matching manufacturing plans and capacity.

The three-phase framework for manufacturing planning and control is supported by widely available MPC systems and software, from master production scheduling to the back-end systems. This software is not only integrated to follow the framework, it is also linked to other business activities in the ERP systems of many firms. That means that the MPC systems provide inputs to the financial, distribution, marketing, and human resources systems that require the information.

MPC systems must also reflect the physical changes taking place on the factory floor. Outsourcing, contract manufacturing, and the hollowing out of the corporation dramatically affect MPC systems design. Moves from job shops to flow processes to cellular manufacturing approaches affect the MPC systems design as well. Providing information at the level where decisions are made in appropriate time frames has greatly augmented the use of computers on the factory floor and the speed of interaction between planning and execution.

Figure 1.2 also shows material requirements planning as spanning a wi


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