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Artanis headed to Korhal where he was greeted by Jim Raynor. Raynor was glad to see Artanis but was saddened to hear of Zeratul's death. Artanis asked Raynor if he could have the Keystone, as it could be useful in dealing with Amon. Raynor agreed, but also warned Artanis that the Dominion was under attack by Moebius Corps, led by the hybrid. The forces had disabled the Sky Shield, an orbital defense platform which would crush Augustgrad if not dealt with. Fortunately, the protoss were able to stabilize the platform. Raynor then informed Artanis that Moebius was fine until recently, when they only received crazed transmissions, which Artanis realized was the work of Amon. Despite saving the platform, Moebius forces continued to assault Augustgrad with the hybrid, who utilized the Keystone by channeling void energy to stun all terrans, including their Moebius allies. After the battle, the protoss took the Keystone and Karax began studying it, eventually concluding that they could contain Amon in it while destroying all potential hosts, which would banish him back to the Void.

Assembling everyone once more, Artanis revealed his plan to the leaders. Alarak was upset that they were taking the long route and wanted to simply destroy Aiur, but this was received with hostility by the others, especially Fenix. Alarak reluctantly agreed to follow Artanis' plan and they split up into three groups to destroy the psi-matrices, which was successful. Amon then tried to inhabit his incomplete body, but the protoss were able to destroy the void shards powering them, allowing them to destroy his hybrid body.

Blizzard intended to focus on micromanagement (to avoid simply using large unit clumps), harassment, and constant attacks with the new expansion. "Passive time", such as the low-activity early-game, will be avoided. Changes include reducing the amount of minerals and vespene gas in order to encourage the creation of new expansions. The starting worker count has been increased from 6 to 12, and the starting buildings (command center, nexus and hatchery) creates more supply, psi and control to make creating new workers possible.[34] The game's multiplayer is intended to give a sense of constant combat.[29]

On the other hand, a lot of the new units seem to fill hard-counter roles (where they are a devastating rock to another unit's scissor) demand a lot more attention and micro-control from both players. The Protoss Disruptor gives the Protoss their own version of the Baneling (the Zerg's roly-poly suicide bomber), with the added wrinkle that it is reusable and invulnerable as it prepares to detonate. Set aside whether that can possibly be balanced (I suspect patches are going to hit a lot of Legacy of the Void units rather hard), and the Disruptor is yet another thing that opponents must frantically micro their army to avoid. Except that they probably can't even kill it before it goes off. 59ce067264


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